Ginger... The Magic Ingredient!
Why do we put ginger in our bars?
We use natural ginger extract in our Dark Chocolate and Ginger Bars. As with all of our ingredients, we make sure it is completely natural and unprocessed to achieve the perfect premium bar. 
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Dress to impress and bring something sweet!
The deliberation of turning up to a dinner party empty handed versus bringing a masterfully crafted after meal treat. The handcrafted limited edition chocolate bon bon’s that are found at each of our exclusive pop ups are mouthwateringly flavourful. Our...
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What is chocolate and how is it grown, harvested and processed.
What is chocolate and where does it come from? Chocolate is the ingredient which is made from the cacao pod. Through a long process of harvesting, drying, conching and mixing, you get the result of a silky smooth chocolate which...
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Are Protein Bars Healthy?
  Are Protein Bars Healthy? It seemed that it was only yesterday that protein bars were chalky, hard to swallow and just tasted awful. Today, protein bars sit alongside some of the biggest players in confectionery, with many shoppers swapping their...
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