Are Protein Bars Healthy?

Are Protein Bars Healthy?


Are Protein Bars Healthy?

It seemed that it was only yesterday that protein bars were chalky, hard to swallow and just tasted awful. Today, protein bars sit alongside some of the biggest players in confectionery, with many shoppers swapping their usual sweet treat for a healthier, protein-packed alternative.




Are Protein Bars Really All That?



Well it all depends on a few factors such as what the bar contains, what quality of ingredients the companies are using and also the nutrition of them.



With the ingredients part, there are still quite a few protein bars out there that have way too many ingredients for such a simple bar. Some bars contain excessive amounts of sweeteners, bulking agents and other unnecessary ingredients. Next time while shopping for your favourite protein bar, have a look at the ingredients part and question yourself on everything that contains in it and if it has a benefit to the bar and your health or if it's just to raise the profits for the companies.



A big factor as well is quality of ingredients. It's all well and good saying it contains protein and other ingredients but to what standard? With the protein, try and aim to select a bar that contains whey protein isolate. This means that it has a higher percentage of protein per 100% and is of higher quality compared to the normal whey protein.

The nutrition of a bar is vital, at the end of the day you select it to help with your dietary requirements and to help you achieve your goals. There may be some bars that will be better suited compared to others. What seems to be the trend these days though is a low sugar and low carb bar. Now this may seem like a good thing but what you've got to ask yourself is how much sweetener is in this to make it sweet and is it beneficial for my body? We all need some amount of carbohydrates and sugars in our life.



At Mr H Bars, our products contain only a natural source of sweetness from honey and the carbohydrates are a mixture of both simple and complex to give you fuel straight after your workout and to help you sustain that level all throughout the rest of the day. A Mr H Bar is loaded with over 13g of premium protein per bar and helps you achieve your macronutrient goals. Protein is an essential part of our diet, providing benefits such as muscle growth and recovery, transporting and storing nutrients around the body and also boosting your immune system.



Once upon a time, protein bars were reserved for meat heads and were only ever consumed pre or post workout. Nowadays, people are more aware of the importance of protein in their diet, regardless of their weight-lifting habits (or lack of!). Protein bars can be eaten at any time, whatever you’re up to, and you don’t need to have set foot inside a gym to be able to indulge in one of these! Whether it’s an on-the-go snack, a midday pick-me-up during a busy day at the office or an indulgent treat on an evening, protein bars can be consumed whenever!

If all that protein bar talk has got you feeling peckish, head over to our website and shop our epic range of high protein bars!