Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products Vegan or Vegetarian?
Our range of protein bars are not vegan but they are vegetarian

Which products contains nuts/peanuts?
All of our bars contain peanuts and are made in an environment where other nuts are handled.

What certification do you have? 
All our supplier partners who make our products have BRC certification, which is an internationally recognised mark of food safety and quality.
Where are your products made?
 All our products are made in the UK, with ingredients sourced depending on where they are grown.
What makes your ingredients high quality?
All of our ingredients go through extensive testing to make sure that it keeps to our standards. We also quality check to make sure we have a consistent product all year round.
Where is my order?
 If you are waiting on an order to arrive, please email info@mrhbars.co.uk and we will get back to you within 24 hours.